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Deliver a cup of hot java to your customer before time runs out!
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30 January 2012

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We have grown up with playing puzzle game since our childhood. Most common were those where you have to arrange the jumbled pieces to make them in proper place so that the puzzle gets solved.

Hot Java version 1.0.0 is one such simple puzzle game that you probably have played before in various other applications or in mobile phones etc. This game is almost the same with few variations in it that makes it quite amusing.This game is brought to you by Novel Games that you can play online or in case you don’t have internet access all the time you can download it and play it in your system. The game has got the feature that requires efficiency and quick thinking for completion that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

In the game Hot Java all you have to do is to rearrange the pipes and see through that the java flow smoothly via them and flow past the nozzle into the cup. For rearranging the pipes you have to first click the blue tiles there it will be revealed what kind of pipe you are availed it. For making the java flow you have to click the different pipe connection to align them in a proper path so that the java flows properly and you cross the level. If you are able to complete the path prior to the time just open the nozzle which will fetch you extra points. If you are unable to build a proper path and the java overflows you will lose the game. It will be better if you construct a longer path for the flowing of the java, because longer the path higher the score you will fetch.

This simple and easy game works out to be a very effective to do away with monotony. It fetches a rating of 3.4 on a scale of 5 for its engaging theme.

Publisher's description

In this game, the player has to rearrange the pipe tiles to let the java flow through the pipe to reach the nozzle. Click on the blue tiles to reveal puzzle pieces, then click and swap the puzzle pieces and align them to form a single line from start to finish. Once the pipe is properly connected, click on “Turn on Valve” to earn score for each empty pipe tiles the java travels. The longer the pipe, the higher the score. The game is over if the liquid runs into any obstacle.
Hot Java
Hot Java
Version 1.0
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